Live Music

  • Pappy & Harriet's - Only a short walk from Homestead Modern No. 1. Great live music venue, full bar and BBQ restaurant that offers vegan/vegetarian options.


  • Joshua Tree National Park - "It's known as one of the world’s best rock climbing areas, but the desert hiking is fantastic, too. Straddling the transition zone between high and low deserts, trails here climb up prominent peaks, meander through cactus gardens, reach hidden oases, and wander near the ruins of ghost towns." - Modern Hiker
        -Park Ranger Guided Tours in Joshua Tree National Park - Official guided tours.
        -Detailed list of hikes from Modern Hiker - Great resource for all 13 hikes. 
        --Love Once Love Wild's Guide to Joshua Tree National Park

  • Big Morongo Canyon Preserve -  Open daily 7:30 a.m. - sunset. Birders flock to Big Morongo where several natural springs and a year-round stream attract birds rarely seen elsewhere. This 29,000 acre nature preserve has 2 billion year rock old formations. The water and surrounding lush vegetation also make the canyon a perfect home for a number of desert mammals and several species of reptiles and amphibians. 

  • Pioneertown Mountains Preserve - Close to Homestead Modern No. 1, only about 10 minutes away. "The developed area of the preserve is very small – just past the dirt parking lot, you’ll find a covered picnic area, an information board, and a beautiful cabin hosting the ranger station, private living quarters, and a bathroom. But you’re not here for man-made stuff – you’re here to see the natural beauty that struck passion in the hearts of the original preservationists, and for that, we suggest you begin your exploration with a hike to Chaparrosa Peak, a high point with absolutely extraordinary views." - Modern Hiker
        -Chaparrosa Peak Trail - A dog-friendly hike that's about 6 miles round trip. More Information.

Unique Attractions

  • The Integratron - The story is that visitors from Venus arrived in a flying saucer and told former aerospace engineer George van Tassel of a process for cell rejuvenation involving a dome based on principles of sacred geometry. He began work on it in 1953, calling the dome at once a time machine, a rejuvenation machine and an anti-gravity device. This white dome is open to the public for tours and demonstrations. Inside, there are two wooden floors with a few museum-type displays. A tour guide turns on an electrical device and asks everyone to meditate and try to feel the Integraton-focused energy. 
  • Giant Rock - Considered to be the largest solitary boulder on this earth, this 23,000 ton mass was seen as sacred by Native Americans who once lived in the Mojave Desert near Landers, California. In the 1950s, it was a popular gathering point for UFO believers. Giant Rock is about 3 miles north of the Integratron. The rock and surrounding area are public land. The Giant is about 12-15 miles north of Yucca Valley. From the junction of Routes 62 and 247, go 12.5 miles north on 247 to Linn Road. Turn east on Linn Road, and go three miles until you see the domed building (The Integratron). Continue east on Linn Road, which turns to dirt. Bear left at the first fork. About 1.5 miles later, you'll encounter another fork. Keep right here and you'll find the rock. 
  • Noah Purifoy Art Installation - A strange and wonderful must-see! Noah Purifoy filled 2 1/2 acres of the high desert in Joshua Tree with a sculpture garden that grew out of the earthy concerns of his life, using cast-off junk like tires, car parts, bowling balls, foam rubber, iron, shoes, and old clothes bleached in the sun, as well as construction materials like steel, aluminum, weathered wood, glass bricks, Astroturf, chicken wire, old windows, adobe and aluminum.
  • Cactus Mart - Dig your own cactus for 59 cents!

  • Sky Drive-in Swap Meet Yucca Valley - The coolest collection of junk and treasure on earth, set in an old drive-in theater!  Numerous tiny hand-made shanties made from, and decorated with, all manner of old wood, rusted metal, cactus, and ancient desert detritus. 
  • Smith's Ranch Drive-in Theater - One of the last drive-in movies in California! Cash-only featuring new releases & concessions including popcorn & hot dogs.

Rock Climbing

Massage & Spas

Art & Shopping

  • "Oasis of Murals"  - Once a thriving Indian village, the Oasis of Mara later brought prospectors and homesteaders. It is now part of Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center.
  • Simi Dabah Outdoor Scultpures - Simi has been welding steel sculptures from industrial scrap for over 30 years. Witness his brilliance on eight acres of land on SunFair Road, just a few miles from Green Acres. A must-see and a good, long walk (45 min) if you have the time.
  • The End - A vintage boutique in Old Town Yucca Valley near Pioneertown featuring vintage designer accessories and clothing as well as pieces that tell a unique story. 
  • Hoof & The Horn - "High Desert Vintage, Apparel & Accessories For Free Spirits. Inspired by the long views, sunsets and sunrises, joshua trees, boulders, dirt roads, starry night skies, rolling hills and mountain peaks, the dust and sand, the smell of creosote when it rains."
  • Art Queen and Crochet Museum
  • Joshua Tree Art Gallery
  • High Desert Test Sites - [Calendar of events] 
  • 29 Palms Creative Center
  • 29 Palms Art Gallery
  • Pioneer Crossing Antiques
  • Rte. 62 Antiques
  • Wind Walkers - Gift Shop located next to Crossroads in downtown Joshua Tree.  Jewelry from local artists, blankets, weavings, gifts, and miles and miles of beautiful outdoor pots and fountains. 
  • Ricochet - Western clothing and an eclectic assortment of beer and wine. 
  • Grateful Desert Herb Shoppe - A one-stop shop for all of your herbal/apothecary needs.


  • Instant Karma Yoga - If you like your yoga in a peaceful setting this is the place for you. Beautiful studio with experienced instructors.
  • Gubler Orchids - Explore the various varieties of orchids and carnivorous plants grown here! Tour the greenhouses of one of the best known Orchid producers in the nation. Many species available for purchase and shipping. Free personal tours in Landers Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (closed Sun and holidays).
  • Joshua Tree Farmers Market - Downtown Joshua Tree. Saturdays 8am to 1pm.

Please note: this information is subject to change without notice.