I purchased this acre-and-a-quarter property in Pioneertown in early 2014 with the goal of building a prototype home for a new company, Homestead Modern. Homestead Modern No. 1 is the result of that. Pioneertown appealed to me for a number of reasons. As a former movie and TV Western set it has a fun old Hollywood vibe. It also sits amidst a breathtaking tableau of craggy desert mountains and epic flattop buttes – with endless opportunities for high desert exploration. And as a bonus it features Pappy & Harriet’s, the wildly popular music and food venue.


Pioneertown was founded in 1946 by a group of Hollywood personalities led by cowboy actors Dick Curtis and Russell Hayden as a permanent 1880's town for filming Western Movies. On September 1, 1946, Roy Rogers broke ground for the first buildings, assisted by the Sons of the Pioneers from whom the town takes its name. Over 200 Movies and TV serials where filmed here, as were an unknown number of background shots for other productions, TV Westerns, including the Gene Autry Show, Cisco Kid, Annie Oakley, and Adventures of Judge Roy Bean were filmed here. Pioneer Bowl, Hayden Ranch and Mane Street have been designated by the state Department of Parks and Recreation as Historical Resources.

Today, Mane Street still retains its old west image. The Pioneertown Post Office is said to be the most photographed post office in the entire United States

Productions Shot in Pioneertown

  • The Cisco Kid with Duncan Renalso - TV
  • Annie Oakley with Gale Davis - TV
  • Cowboy G-Men with Russell Hayden and Jackie Coogan - TV
  • Buffalo Bill Jr. with Dick Jones -  TV Series
  • The Adventures of Judge Roy  with Russell Hayden and Edgar Buchanan - TV
  • 26 Men  with Russell Hayden - TV
  • China Lake Murders with Tom Skerritt - TV Movie 1989
  • Howling 7 - New Moon Rising  with Clive Turner and John Huff - TV Movie 1995
  • Last Chance with Tim Homerson and Brian Cranston - Unreleased 1998
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